Introduction to training

One of EMBRACE's goals is to make its products available to the (European) community. If that required training, such training has been made available. The full outreach plan is available in the work packages section.

Below you will find an overview of the coursesĀ  that have been organised under the auspices of EMBRACE. The course materials hyperlinked here can all be used freely for educational purposes. However, pleaes be aware that as time marches on science will progress so that we can expect some of the material to become outdated. The original authors may remove outdated material which will lead to dead links in this table. We try to keep this to a minimum, but should you spot one that we've missed, please inform our website caretaker.

Deliverable Title Location Organiser Date
D5.2.1 Grid technology workshop Clermont-Ferrand, France CNRS 2005 Jul 25-28
D5.2.2 Data, Data modelling and interoperability Manchester, United Kingdom UMAN, KUN 2005 Dec 1-2
D5.2.3 Portal integration workshop Nijmegen, Netherlands EMBL-EBI 2006 Apr 8-9
D5.2.4 Workflow over grid based services Madrid, Spain CSIC 2007 Feb 19-23
D5.2.5 Grid and Web Services technology for bioinformaticians Helsinki, Finland CSC 2006 Jun 15-17
D5.2.6 Bioinformatics of immunology Copenhagen, Denmark CBS-DTU 2007 Jan 24-26
D5.2.7 Regulatory sequence motif discovery Uppsala, Sweden SLU-LCB 2006 Nov 9-10
D5.2.8 Exploring Modular Protein Architecture Bordeaux, France EMBL 2007 Jun 13-15
D5.2.9 Applied gene ontology Bari, Italia ITB 2007 Nov 7-9
D5.2.10 Deploying Web Services for Biological Sequence Annotation Geneva, Switzerland SIB 2007 May 31 - Jun 1
D5.2.11 DNA sequence assembly Cancelled
D5.2.12 Membrane protein bioinformatics Stockholm, Sweden STO 2007 Aug 22-23
D5.2.13 Advanced Protein Domain Analysis
Lyon, France INRIA-UCBL 2008 May 18-20
D5.2.14 Web services in Systems Biology Workshop
(within the 9th International Conference on Systems Biology)
Gothenburg, Germany MPIMG 2008 Aug 28
D5.2.15 Structural and Functional Annotation of Genomes Hinxton, United Kingdom UCL and EMBL-EBI 2009 February
D5.2.16 Genome annotation N/A WI Summer 2009
D5.2.17 Protein Structure Analysis / Ontology Workshops N/A KUN-CMBI Sep 09, Jan 10, May 10
D5.2.18 Relational databases and gene annotation N/A INTA Autumn 2009
D5.2.19 Special courses for SMEs Berlin, Germany EMBL-EBI 2008 Oct
D5.2.20 Grid technology, principles and installation Clermont-Ferrand, France CNRS (and EGEE) 2006 Oct 9-13
D5.2.X1 Exploring Modular Protein Architecture 2008 Heidelberg, Germany EMBL 2008 Dec 3-5
D5.2.X2 Workshop on Client Side Scripting for Web Services
Copenhagen, Denmark CBS-DTU 2008 Feb 06-08
D5.2.X3 Building Next Generation Sequencing Platforms and Pipeline Solutions Rome, Italy SLU-LCB 2009 Nov 18-20
D5.2.X4 Exploring Modular Protein Architecture 2010 Heidelberg, Germany EMBL 2010 Jan 19-22
D5.2.X5 Workshop on next generation sequencing data analysis Espoo, Finland CSC 2010 May 31 - Jun 4
D5.2.X6 Workshop on Perl, SQL and Web Services Copenhagen, Denmark CBS-DTU 2009 Nov 16-20
D5.2.X7 Next Generation Sequencing II Ruvo di Puglia, Italy SLU-LCB 2010 Jun 16-18
D5.2.X8 Workshop for Web Service Providers in Bioinformatics: Syntax, Semantics and Publishing Copenhagen, Denmark CBS-DTU 2010 Jun 2-4
Extra Web Services Workshop Bergen, Norway CBU 2006 Dec 4-13
Extra Modern computer tools for the biosciences Uppsala, Sweden SLU 2007 March 22-23
Extra Workshop on Bioclipse 2007 Uppsala, Sweden SLU-LCB 2007 May 23-25
Extra Web services workshop 2 Manchester, United Kingdom UMAN 2007 Dec 4-11