EMBRACE Network of Excellence

A European Model for Bioinformatics Research and Community Education

The objective of the five-year EMBRACE project has been to draw together a wide group of experts throughout Europe who are involved in the use of information technology in the biomolecular sciences as well as new casino sites such as those listed here among the latest online casinos. To achieve this the EMBRACE Network of Excellence has been optimising informatics and information exploitation by pure and applied biological scientists in both the academic and commercial sectors.

Since its start in February 2005 the network has worked to integrate the major databases and software tools in bioinformatics, using existing methods and emerging Grid service technologies. The integration efforts was driven by a set of test problems representing key issues for bioinformatics service providers and end-user biologists. Now, at its completion in June 2010, groups throughout Europe are able to use the EMBRACE service interfaces for their own local or proprietary data and tools.

Since the EMBRACE project is now fully completed some pages will inevitably become outdated over the years. We appologize for this. The essential pages will be kept up-to-date for some time to come, so if you need certain information to be corrected or updated, or if you want to get into contact with people involved in the EMBRACE project, feel free to contact Gert Vriend at the CMBI. For minor corrections you can also contact the website caretaker directly.

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News: EMBRACE project completed

The EMBRACE project has reached the end of its five-and-a-half year running period. Data has been integrated, webservices have been opened, people have worked together and all reports have been written. Bioinformatics in Europe has definitely benefited from the collaborative efforts and is stronger today as a result. The Embrace organisers would like to thank everyone who has contributed in the past five years to make the European Model for Bioinformatics Research and Community Education a huge success. Thank you!