Peyton Manning Out 2 Months Our Anti-Colt Big Board Pays Off

The whole Manning thing has had us worried all preseason, which is why we’ve had the colts lower than just about everyone else on our big board. If you followed our draft guide, things are looking up for you right now (we don’t own any Colts in any of our leagues). Manning missing 2 months is an obvious downgrade to the entire Colts team in general, so hopefully you avoided the team altogether.

If not, hope isn’t completely lost. Collins can still provide some value for your receivers. Also, if you need a backup QB, it’s tough to believe that a Manningless team is all of a sudden going to start running the ball 35 times a game. Collins will be gunning (although less effectively), so you can probably consider him a decent bye-week filler or Manning-filler if you’re desperate.